Our Story

Persian Youth Night (PYN) was created in 2008 by 3 local DJs, DJ Saj, DJ Infinity and DJ Roozbeh. The idea to hold a PYN was sparked because of the noticeably low Persian community events around Adelaide. The three DJs combined their skills in event management and passion for music to create a place that all Persians and non-Persians could gather for a night of dancing and socialising, with the sound of the best Persian beats.

The events were a success each year, until they concluded in 2012 due to differing timetables of the founders. Then, in September of 2015, one of the founders, DJ Saj, had decided to revitalise the event. As of then, the PYNs have had 7 successful come-backs, bringing about the newest Persian beats to a full house.


Each PYN is designed to bring the newest Persian sounds, as well as the old favourites, in a combination to ensure you shake it up and get completely immersed in the culture. Persian or not, it is an event not to miss.

DJ Roozbeh - DJ SAJ - DJ Infinity